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Posted: Aug 19, 2014 4:25 AMUpdated: Aug 19, 2014 4:25 AM

Council Discusses Code Changes

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Jon Eastman

The Dewey City Council discussed the possibility of changes to city code Monday night. To start the meeting, City Manager Kevin Trease presented sales tax numbers that were the highest in 5 years at more than 80 thousand dollars. This represents an approximate increase of six and a quarter percent compared to the same month last year and close to 10 percent increase year to date compared to last year. Although use tax is still zero because of repayments the city is making, Trease said the city is making the repayments faster than anticipated and said that at this rate the repayment would be made in full in about 2 months. The council then reviewed possibly changing fees on tickets for technology and training. Currently each fee stands at $4 and the council discussed possibly changing each. The idea behind the raise is to help pay for new computers and equipment for the Dewey Police Department, including raising funds to begin replacing old police cruisers. Any decision on this topic would be made at a later meeting. In the Public Works Meeting, the council also discussed the possibilities of limiting the number of trash cans allowed to any member of the public as a number of residents seem to be abusing the system with large amounts of trash. No action was taken at this time on the topic, but it is expected that an ordinance change may be seen in the future.


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