Homecoming Interviews

Nowata High School


Monday September 17: Shelby King, Jaxson King, Holly Belden, and Corey Hobbs

Tuesday September 18: Kaylee Frauenberger and Justin Stark

Wednesday September 19: Ashton Bellmyer and Dalton Schell

Thursday September 20: Robyn Smalley, Cooper Yirse, and Tyler Tidwell

Friday September 21: Lindsey Parrett and Landon Roberson

Owasso High School


Monday September 24: Madison Heavener and Jake Burd

Tuesday September 25: Hannah Simons and Chris Donaldson

Wednesday September 26: Alaina Lynch and Nathan Lister

Thursday September 27: Cara Vanarsdel and Ty McKenzie

Friday September 28: Kara Owens, Dylan Rowan, and Chandler Houtman

Wesleyan Christian High School


Monday September 24: Merissa Bailey, Braydon Revard, and Ryan Abel

Tuesday September 25: Desirae Plummer, Natalie Buzan, and Mangas Chinn

Wednesday September 26: Miranda Wilt and Brian Deal

Thursday September 27: Jasmine Ratzlaff and Evan Rush

Friday September 28: Spring Jones and Zac Romines

Oklahoma Union High School


Monday September 24: Shaelynn Pitts, Cale Perdue, and Megan Tomey

Tuesday September 25: Levi Best, Tori Ellis, and Ty Stayton

Wednesday September 26: Hannah Baker and Channing Williams

Thursday September 27: Halie Regan and Will Kelly

Friday September 28: Paige Perkins, Brandon Handke, and Dylan Woolfolk

Caney Valley, KS High School


Monday October 1: Brooke Beyen and Brandon Barlow 

Tuesday October 2: Lexi Brey and Derek Bayless 

Wednesday October 3: Elexis Fleming and Anthony Camper

Thursday October 4: Alexis Grant and Bryan Dixon

Friday October 5: Kissa Ryan and Garr McGee

Caney Valley, OK High School


Monday October 1: Haley Davis and Edwardo Robledo

Tuesday October 2: Alex Robledo, Kennedy Banta, and Jared Ward

Wednesday October 3: Jolene Hawkins and Kyle Knight

Thursday October 4: Mariah Coulter and Nate Berwaldt

Friday October 5: Sarah Morrison and Kaleb Long

Dewey High School

Monday October 8: Carson Hannaford, Michael McSpadden, and Sophie Oates

Tuesday October 9: Julio Mena, Shelby Phelps, and Chase Wilson

Wednesday October 10: Kelsey Allen, Colby Hinkle, and Savanna Goldman

Thursday October 11: Whitney Stull, Vince Moles, and McQuaid Watson

Friday October 12: Lori Carbaugh and CJ Coolbaigh

Barnsdall High School

Monday October 8: Sophie Mackey, Bradley Bickford, and Josiah Gott

Tuesday October 9: Gracie Isaac and Lane White

Wednesday October 10: Brandy Gay and Caleb Hawes

Thursday October 11: Sarah Johnson, Nathan Hayman,and Isaiah Goitt

Friday October 12: Hannah Gott, Jacob Lanphear, and Brandon Gay

Pawhuska High School

Monday October 8: Kelee Kirk, Scott Gilkey, and Marshall Tolson

Tuesday October 9: Bailey Thompson and Cheyenne Herren

Wednesday October 10: Logan Big Eagle and Erin Long

Thursday October 11: Ladd Free and Zak Wilson

Friday October 12: Jake Spicer and Jeni Hendricks

Bartlesville High School

Monday October 22: Ali Charleson and Jonathan Russell

Tuesday October 23: Rachel Wittenbach and Stephen Cochran

Wednesday October 24: Rachel Watters and Andrew Kimrey

Thursday October 25: Abby Callaghan, Mason Orr, and Terah Ennis

Friday October 26: Betsy Dutcher, William Wade, and Gavin Dolski

Copan High School

Monday Octtober 29: Cierra Cook and Jake Price

Tuesday October 30: Abby Bryan, Lane Donaho, and Alexandria Foreman

Wednesday October 31: Kollin Evans, Eryn Ratliff, and Andrew Rodgers

Thursday November 1: Maggie Lannan and Russell Ebert

Friday November 2: Kendra Chinn and Dakota Long