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Posted: Aug 18, 2014 1:15 PMUpdated: Aug 18, 2014 1:15 PM

Commissioners Discuss Insurance Plans

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Jon Eastman
Washington County Commissioners had much to think about Monday as their first agenda item took up most of their meeting. Kurt Schultz of Ameribank Insurance gave a presentation to the commissioners concerning Ameribank Health Insurance, a possibility for insuring county workers.  Changing to this plan would potentially cost 130 thousand dollars less per year, but commissioners said this money would most likely go towards other projects in the county rather than savings directly to the taxpayers. Also at the meeting, Ross Naylor, representative from Oklahoma Public Employee Health and Welfare discussed the repercussions of moving from the current system to Ameribank, saying that although the county might save money, the county employees would face rising health care costs. These range from no and low copay for office care visits and drugs to losing more than two thirds of in-network providers and dropping all out of network providers potentially costing employees thousands more. After hearing from both parties, and some county employees, the commission took no action on the agenda item. In other business, 911 coordinator Mitch Antle presented the commission with numbers pertaining to costs associated with running the 911 service in the county, showing a decline in land line revenues and detailing the need for a raised cellular 911 fee which has been set at 50 cents since 2006.   The next commissioners' meeting is set for the 25th at 9:30.

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