Radio Rules

Radio reaches potential buyers with a selling message other media often cannot deliver. Consider these facts about radio:

  • Over 97% of the buying public is reached by radio. (Newspapers miss about 25%).
  • 61% of all men at work have access to radio.
  • 35% of all adults listen to radio at work.

When advertising on radio, remember this simple rule:
More Exposure =
Greater Awareness =
Greater Sales Opportunities $$$$$$

Radio’s low cost makes it possible to achieve greater exposure, even with a limited budget! Prime shopping hours are from 10am to 8pm...consider this:

  • 50% listen to radio 10am to 8pm
  • 41% use radio to get their morning news
  • 48% use radio as their first source of news
  • 51% of the buying public listen to radio within one hour of their purchases.

source: National Association of Broadcasters, Arbitron Company

You NEED to respond to Changes in the Market at a Moment’s Notice!

Radio is the most flexible of all your advertising options. One of the greatest strengths is its flexibility. Copy changes can be made at a moment’s notice. New commercials can be produced quickly and efficiently. If your supplier surprises you with a double order this morning, you can advertise a fire sale tonight. Whatever the changes, whenever they occur, you can react instantly with radio. Let us help you!

You CONSTANTLY are looking for New Ways to Impact the Market!

Our radio stations know how to build and maintain an audience...through great programming often supported by promotional activities that keep listeners coming back for more. And no other medium knows more about how to plan and execute a successful promotion than us!

When available, the right promotional tie-in or cross promotion can enhance the impact of your advertising campaign tremendously. Some examples:

  • Remote Broadcasts
  • On-air Contests
  • Ticket Giveaways
  • Multi-sponsor Tie-ins
  • Cause-related Events
  • Event Marketing
  • Register-to-win Promotions

Ask your salesperson for details ore-mail.