Radio Advertising Plans

No matter what your budget or advertising objective, KWON, KYFM, and KRIG have a plan to get results! We offer a variety of radio scheduling opportunities, including:

Program Sponsorships

We believe in long-term promotion, as most businesses want to be in business for the long term! Be in front of your customers whenever they’re ready to buy, with a quality program sponsorship. To associate your business with prestigious programming, consider sponsoring the news, weather, sports and specialty features.Your sponsorship includes value added extras like promotional announcements, and sponsorship billboards at the open and close of the programs.

Image Plans

By running, one, two, three or four commercials per day (that’s important for maximum reach), you build consistent exposure to your products and services. Depending on the number of commercials per day, it may take a few days or weeks to achieve best results; but over time, our image plans are great ways for advertisers with smaller budgets to attract customers.

Impact Plans

For faster results, our impact plans schedule five, six, seven or eight commercials per day. Results come faster and bigger!

Impact Plus Plans

The best combination of image and impact, this plan puts your message in front of your prospects and customers four times a day, every day, for at least a solid year...and it’s more economical than you might think!

Blitz Plans

When you need to get the word out fast, for a special sale or event, use one of our blitz plans. They’re designed to give you up to 21 commercials per day over three to four days. Monster exposure to drive customers to your door right away.

Annual Plans

If you know you’ll be advertising during the year, but you don’t want to run every day, our Annual Plan allows you flexible scheduling options for economical investments. Rates are based on the number of commercials run within a 52-week period.

Remote Broadcasts

For an opening, sale or any special event, there’s no better way to build excitement and traffic than a LIVE Remote Broadcast. Our team provides signage, giveaways and talent for your remote. In addition to the broadcast itself, we also provide on-air promotional announcements to create awareness prior to your event. Consumer Calls on the Road is an example of such an opportunity.

For more information about these plans, call your KWON-KYFM-KRIG-KPGM marketing consultant today at 918-336-1001 or e-mail us.