State is Soliciting Medicaid Work Comments

Dec 25, 2018

The federal government is soliciting comments on Oklahoma's new plan to impose work requirements on some Medicaid recipients.   Oklahoma submitted its waiver application to the federal government earlier this month, and the public comment period is open until Jan. 20.   ... read more »

State Panel Recommends Dropping Tax Credits

Dec 25, 2018

A state panel that reviews the performance of Oklahoma's economic tax incentives says three should be repealed and another with $557 million in liabilities should be overhauled.   Tulsa radio station KWGS reports this month that the Incentive Evaluation Commission recommended law ... read more »

Sheriff's Office Wants Person of Interest

Dec 24, 2018

The Washington County Sheriff's Ofice is looking for someone they call a person of interest in the burglary of a home in Copan.  According to a sheriff's office Facebook post, the burglary allegedly occurred on or about Wednesday, December 19th or Thursday, December 20th.   ... read more »

ODOT Focuses Primarily on Bridge Repairs in 8 Year Plan

Dec 24, 2018

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation performs an 8-year capital plan for streets in Bartlesville. On that 8-year plan is the State Highway 123 bridge that crosses over the Caney River as you head to or from Dewey, and highway 60 through downtown Bartlesville. City Manager Mike Bailey say ... read more »

Bartlesville Police Search for Angelo's Tavern Fight Suspect

Dec 24, 2018

The Bartlesville Police Department is looking for anyone who may have information on a fight or disturbance that occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, Dec. 22. The incident occurred around closing time at Angelo’s Tavern. The incident occurred outside in the parking lot accor ... read more »

Oklahoma's Marijuana Rollout is Comparitively Quick

Dec 23, 2018

The rollout of statewide medical and recreational marijuana programs typically is a grindingly slow process that can take years. Not so in Oklahoma, which moved with lightning speed once voters approved medical cannabis in June.   The ballot question received 57 percent support and e ... read more »