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Posted: Jul 06, 2022 9:21 AMUpdated: Jul 06, 2022 9:21 AM


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Tom Davis
A zoning issue and answers to why my water has a funny taste were among the topics on Wednesday's episode of CITY MATTERS on KWON AM 1400/FM 93.3.-95.1 and KWONTV.com.
City Councilor Paul Stuart recapped the previous night's Bartlesville city council meeting starting off with a zoning issue that allows for a pediatric clinic and urgent care practice neat the Washington Park Mall.
Assistant Community Development director Greg Collins says the 12.8 acre plot of land will be rezoned from residential to major shopping planned unit development. Kristi Minor who runs a pediatric practice in town wants to build a new facility on this land.
Stuart also addressed the complaints by some regarding a funny taste in the city water. Stuart said the issue was reviewed by the State of Oklahoma and city leaders are confident there is nothing wrong with the water even if it does smell and taste “weird.”
In a newsletter released to customers, Bartlesville Water Utilities Director Terry Lauritsen stated that the odd smell and taste are the result of “compounds that were released by algae constituents in the lake” that provides city water. The release of the compound is not controllable and it often becomes worse as temperatures move higher, allowing algae to grow faster and broader in the lake.

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