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Posted: Sep 27, 2021 1:53 PMUpdated: Sep 27, 2021 3:19 PM

The Rock Dedicates Future Youth Development Center

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Garrett Giles

On the Rock Ministries has consecrated the site of its future Youth Development Center in the old Crystal Creamery in downtown Bartlesville.

Custodian Ken Dossett says they strung out Christmas lights in the school classrooms and gathered around an art piece by Cynthia Cato of Arkansas. He says they discussed the vision for the youth center and prayed over the future building on Friday evening.

Photo courtesy: On the Rock Ministries

As a Christian organization, Dossett says it is so important for The Rock to recognize the Father and give Him credit through prayer for the abundance that He has provided.

Although Cate lives in Arkansas, Dossett says she has been involved with The Rock for many years. Dossett says Cato's latest art piece for the future site is a hanging collage of sorts. He says the original piece is made of hanging tree limbs and recycled clothing. The artwork is 13-feet by 8-feet in size.

In the Bible, the Cross that Jesus was crucified is referred to as a tree. With that in mind, Dossett says Cato used long tree branches and suspended them from the ceiling towards the floor. Dossett says the old clothing was used to design the leaves on the branches. He says a dove sits on one of the branches.

From one side of the art piece, you can see the Cross. If you look at the design from the back, all you see is a black backdrop. Dossett says that is to represent the foolishness of the Cross to those people who are not saved. He says Cato really wanted to capture the Gospel message of salvation through her work.

The classrooms are what excites Dossett and On the Rock's staff the most. Dossett says they will be able to provide one-on-one learning experiences with students that are struggling to make it at Bartlesville High School. He says the goal is to get students caught up in school so they can graduate on time with their fellow classmates. 

The other goal of the future classroom setting at The Rock is to bring in students that may have dropped out of school. Dossett says they want to help these students get enough credits so they can get their diploma and go to schools such as Tri County Tech.

A tour was given during the dedication event on Friday evening. Dossett says they will be able to provide a coffee shop, a kitchen, outside patios, retail shops, and a chapel. He says the future youth development center will even have a location for e-sports and gaming.

Dossett says The Rock will have an e-sport team that will compete against colleges. He says Oklahoma Wesleyan University is anxious about this endeavor so they can provide scholarships for students wanting to go to school while competing in e-sports as well.

A "bouldering room" is also in the plans for the youth center. Dossett says they have contracted with the company that created that boulder walls for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this summer. He says they want to give their kids a great, safe place to climb and have fun.

The multipurpose facility may be the site for concerts and outdoor movies, too.

Dossett says they are super excited to be working to improve the building despite the fact that the empty facility had serious asbestos problems and three-feet of snow on the floor after the storms this past winter. He says the "shell of a building" had no water and no electricity either. He says it has taken a great effort along with great support to get to where they are today.

On the Rock trusts the Lord for provisions. Dossett says they are not afraid to say that they trust the Lord. He says they get tremendous support from the community that is willing to serve the Lord as well.

Dossett says they always ask for goodwill, prayers and service before they ask for financial support. He says The Rock wants people to know that they're valued for who they are, not just for their checkbook. He says they trust the Lord with their needs.

The Rock anticipates the classrooms will open by Summer 2022. Dossett says they would like to get the coffee shop and classes going so they can help students in their journey towards academic success. He says the partial opening could take place by June or July.

Dossett says they are here simply to serve the Lord.

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