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Posted: Sep 27, 2021 10:35 AMUpdated: Sep 27, 2021 10:35 AM


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Tom Davis
On this week's episode of CITY MATTERS, City Manager Mike Bailey outlines the need for a city use tax explaining that it is a companion to the sales taxes as this will level the playing field for taxes to the city on items purchased online or by phone. Bailey thinks the city council will take this up in a month or so and have it totaly implemented by January if 2023.
We then heard from Val Callaghan with the Bartlesville Community Center to give us an update on the missing seats in the auditorium. Callaghan called it a "perfect storm" with Covid 19 and the subsequent employment lag as to the delays on getting the seats redone from the contractor in Kansas City that won the bid. Callaghan said that he city, the BCC and the contractor are working together and temporary seating for up to 800 will be available as the fall season opens at the Community Center.
Debbie Neece informed us of a mystery that has recently been solved. It appears a visitor complained that she saw "swastikas" on the bridge at Johnstone Park. After much reseach, Debbie discovered that it is a Native American symbol of peace and luck with a water blessing.
Shellie McGill, Director of the Bartlesville Public Library, reminded us of the cooking programs, crafting and health programs available at the library and that the Spanish, English and Citizenship classes are also apen. 


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