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Dewey Public Schools

Posted: Sep 07, 2021 7:24 PMUpdated: Sep 07, 2021 9:09 PM

DPS Terminates Lease for Potential Boys & Girls Club

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Garrett Giles

The Dewey Public Schools Board of Education has terminated a parking lot agreement that may help facilitate the future development of a Boys & Girls Club in Dewey.

Superintendent Vince Vincent said the potential is there but nothing is guaranteed. Vincent said the Board terminated the lease agreement with the Board of Washington County Commissioners for the property listed as the North Free Fair Facility Parking Lot.

Vincent said this is the parking lot that is currently used for football/middle school basektball gym parking. He said some students and middle school teachers occassionally use the space during a normal school day. He said its also the property where the OSU Extension Office is currently housed on.

The ability to possibly have a Boys & Girls Club near the DPS campus far outways the parking they may lose in Vincent's mind. Vincent said they could always gain more parking in the future.

According to Vincent, the Boys & Girls Club project has been contemplated for a year or so. Vincent said a committee has been looking into whether or not the project would be viable and if they could raise the funds to make it happen. He said it is these reasons as to why they considered terminating the lease agreement on Tuesday evening.

The property that was discussed by the Board is not owned by Dewey Public School. Vincent said Washington County owns the property. He said the property would have to be deeded to the City of Dewey in order for the Boys & Girls Club to become more of a reality. And in his understanding, Washington County would have to break all of its arrangements and agreements with anyone involved with the land.

Commissioner Mitch Antle proposed the termination of lease agreement to Vincent. The Commissioners will review the termination of the lease now that it has been approved by the DPS Board of Education. Vincent said he fully expects the Commissioners terminate the lease agreement now that the Board has terminated the lease themselves.

In conversations with Commissioner Antle, Vincent said they have talked about adding more asphalt to the area so parking spots won't be lost. He said they have pitched around ideas to prevent the loss of parking because there are parts of the property that Washington County currently owns that is not asphalted.

Vincent said he believes the OSU Extension Office will remain where its at if the project comes into fruition. He said the Boys & Girls Club would potentially be built more towards the northwest of the Extension Office where the parking lot is located. He added that he does not anticipate the footprint that DPS has on its property will change as a result of this effort.

Looking to the future, Vincent said they will most likely have to create another parking agreement with whomever owns the property. Vincent said he does not forsee this being an issue whatsoever. With the way the idea is developing, Vincent said a partnership amongst entities is being formed. He said everyone wants the Boys & Girls Club of Dewey to happen as it has many potential benefits if it is established close to campus.

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