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State of Oklahoma

Posted: Nov 20, 2020 12:20 PMUpdated: Nov 20, 2020 12:21 PM

Dr. Frye Encourages Safe Thanksgiving Gatherings

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Garrett Giles

Oklahoma Commissioner of Health, Dr. Lance Frye, spoke at two press conferences this week to update Oklahomans about the coronavirus situation in the state before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dr. Frye reminded Oklahomans once again to watch their distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands. He said it is critical that Oklahomans wear masks when they're out in public.

With Thanksgiving next week, Dr. Frye encouraged everyone to take the break seriously. Dr. Frye said we can still recharge and spend time with loved ones as long as we do so safely. If we do not adjust how we gather safely next week, Dr. Frye said Christmas could be much worse.

Before you gather with your family, Dr. Frye recommended that you take a free COVID-19 test. He said you can call 211 to find out more about free testing sites near you.

You are also encouraged to spread out tables in your home so you can enjoy your family at a safe distance. Dr. Frye said you can even eat outside if the weather is nice. He also encouraged you to wear a festive mask for the holiday.

Lastly, if you have a family member that is considered to be "at risk," you can have food delivered to them. Dr. Frye said you can have the food delivered before you come over or call them so you to speak to them from a safe distance.

Dr. Frye said the health and life of every Oklahoman is worth the trouble of wearing a mask, watching your distance, and washing your hands. He said we can make Thanksgiving a safe and happy one together.

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