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Posted: Nov 19, 2020 2:07 PMUpdated: Nov 19, 2020 4:49 PM

Ascension Bartlesville at 60-Percent COVID-19 Capacity

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Garrett Giles

Ascension St. John Jane Phillips in Bartlesville is seeing an increase of coronavirus related hospitalizations like most hospitals across the State of Oklahoma and the nation.

Chief Operating Officer Mike Moore said the COVID-19 hospitalizations are at 60-percent at Ascension St. John Jane Phillips. Overall, Moore said they're close to being at 80-percent capacity at the hospital.

Moore said Ascension St. John Jane Phillips is using the fifth floor of the hospital to care for COVID-19 patients. He said there are 21 beds in use on that floor.

14 beds on the second floor of the hospital have been converted to house COVID-19 patients if needed. Moore said the 14 beds on the second floor are not being utilized at this time. He said eight additional coronary care unit (CCU) beds are available for coronavirus patients as well. There are CCU beds that are still available at this time. Moore said the coronavirus situation locally is manageable and operations are running smoothly at Ascension St. John Jane Phillips.

According to Moore, everything is based on a staged approach as Gov. Kevin Stitt has advised. Moore said they'll carve out additional rooms and look for additional staff as needed. He said Ascension St. John Jane Phillips is currently in Stage II of a four stage Coronavirus Surge Plan.

If Ascension St. John Jane Phillips has to move to Stage III, Moore said they'll open up more rooms on the fourth floor, which would provide approximately 16 more beds. Moore said they're prepared to enter Stage III if needed. He said they're probably a week or two away from being prepared to go to Stage III. Until that time, Moore said they have enough capacity and resources to take care of the patients they have housed currently.

Moore said they're seeing more patients needing medical care, not critical care. He said Ascension St. John Jane Phillips is not seeing as many critical patients and ventilators in use as they did at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moore said the virus is hitting a healthier demographic now than at the beginning of the pandemic. He said they're not seeing patients needing the ventilators so they're able to take care of them on the medical floor.

When Ascension St. John Jane Phillips in Bartlesville could afford to provide assistance to Tulsa and its sister hospitals, they have been. Moore said they've been taking in some patients from the Tulsa area. He said most of them are coming from Broken Arrow, Owasso and Sapulpa.

Safety has been a top priority since the pandemic started in March, and Moore encouraged all Oklahomans to watch their distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands. He said we can overcome the virus if we all do our part when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Moore said Ascension has put safeguards in place at all of its sites. He said they screen everyone and give them a mask, they stagger appointments to allow for social distancing, and they've spaced people out in waiting rooms. He said they've even created virtual visits with doctors and nurses to keep everyone safe.

Moore said you shouldn't wait because of COVID-19 if you're having an emergency. He said you should immediately get the care you need when you clearly need that care.

Lastly, Moore shared his appreciation for the staff at Ascension St. John Jane Phillips. He said they continue to be heroes we need during these troubling times.

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