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Posted: Sep 24, 2020 9:47 AMUpdated: Sep 24, 2020 9:58 AM

Wendi Stearman, Dist. 11 Candiate on COMMUNITY CONNECTION

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Tom Davis
Wendi Stearman is a wife and a mother of 6. She home schools her children and she wants to represent the people of District 11. 
Stearman appeared on our COMMUNITY CONNECTION program to talk about her campaign ramping up to the General Election.
Stearman addressed State Question 805, which  applies to individuals that are convicted of non-violent felonies. State Question 805 would prohibit a person's former non-violent felony convictions from being used to enhance the person's sentence. In other words, the measure would not allow a convicted person's sentence to be made longer or harsher due to past felony convictions. 
According to Stearman, without getting specific, the question that is up to the voters is on the right track, but she says the process needs work. Stearman says voting on State Questions several times a year whereby a vote of a simple majority can change our lengthy state consitution is a bad idea.  She also suggests the possibility of creating a whole new state constitution.
Stearman says she is running to "give House District 11 a voice at the state capitol." Adding that, "Our district is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-freedom.  It is time to stand for our Constitutional rights."
Among the list of things Stearman says she is fighting for is limiting government involvment in your life; fewer taxes; further protections of the rights of the individual; and a reduction in regulations so that the public sector can thrive in Oklahoma and therefore create more employment opportunities.
This is Stearman's first time to campaign and she says she has discovered that her favorite part of campaigning is simply visiting with neighbors. 
Stearman says her life is centered around her family.  She is active in her children's education, and enjoys being part of the play "Oklahoma!" last summer with Bartlesville's Children's Musical Theater.  She is also a student pilot.

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