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Dewey Public Schools

Posted: Jan 15, 2020 1:28 PMUpdated: Jan 15, 2020 1:30 PM

Elementary School Principal Talks State Report Card

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Garrett Giles

Site principals for Dewey Public Schools gave their presentations on their respected schools 2018-2019 State Report Card.

Jerri Moore, the principal at Dewey Elementary School, said she feels good about where they are in meeting the needs of students on “the bubble.” She said they have data team meetings on assessments and that the students flex for approximately two and a half weeks before take tests.

Principal Moore said the cycle will then start all over again. She said wherever a student scores on an assessment, they are put into a group with a built-in schedule Monday through Thursday.

Professional development is always growing as well. Principal Moore said all the teachers and certified staff came in on Thursday, Aug. 8th, 2020, before school started for a day-long professional development seminar. She said this was a great springboard because they were all on the same page before school started.

Principal Moore said Mrs. Quinn and herself will cover a teacher’s class for 30 to 40 minutes so they can sit in on another teacher’s class. She said the teachers have loved this process.

This sit in process has opened the door for more positive and productive discussions among teachers. Principal Moore said they will come together as a grade level and trade ideas that they loved with one another often.

Continuing to stress the importance of attendance is a factor at Dewey Elementary School. Principal Moore said they are communicating this through newsletters, phone calls, and encouraging posters in the school.

Classrooms with 95-percent attendance each month get a popcorn party. This method and the new City of Dewey ordinance that makes it possible for someone to be fined for not brining their children to school has helped.

Online math testing is new for third graders at Dewey Elementary School. Principal Moore said the shift should be interesting to see. She said they have spent more time in the computer room as opposed to the old pencil and paper method so the third grade students would be more familiar and comfortable with taking a test online. Next year, third graders will have to take both reading and math online.

Dewey Elementary School's 2018-2019 State Report Card scores can be found below:

Dewey Elementary School (Overall Grade: C):

  • Academic Achievement (C)
  • Academic Growth (C)
  • English Language Proficiency Progress (N/A)
  • Chronic Absenteeism (C)

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