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Posted: Dec 05, 2019 2:01 PMUpdated: Dec 05, 2019 2:04 PM

Rep. Hern Disapproves Pelosi's Impeachment Decision

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Garrett Giles

Oklahoma Republican U.S. House Representative Kevin Hern in a statement on Thursday said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to pursue articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump was made with one thing in mind, and that’s to get it over with as soon as possible.

 Representative Hern said Pelosi saw impeachment favorability drop in the polls these last few weeks and that she knows that the longer she waits, the fewer votes she will have. He said that Pelosi said there must be bipartisan support to move forward with something as serious as impeachment, but so far the only bipartisanship has been in opposition to this sham process.

Rep. Hern told any Member of Congress saying they want to wait for the facts or need more information before committing to impeach, that Thursday’s announcement by Pelosi ensures that they will never get those facts or any new information.  He said if they learned anything from this week’s Judiciary hearing, it’s that facts and fact witnesses are the last thing on Pelosi’s mind right now.

Rep. Hern continued, saying, “She’s been saying all along that she wanted a vote on impeachment before Christmas – even before the hearings began! She was never going to give the inquiry adequate time, and she certainly was never going to give President Trump a fair shot.”

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