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Nowata County

Posted: Dec 03, 2019 10:23 AMUpdated: Dec 03, 2019 12:20 PM

Law Officials Arrest Two Poachers in Nowata County

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Garrett Giles

Two suspects have been jailed as a result of a poaching investigation in Nowata County.

Oklahoma Game Warden David Clay recently reported several anonymous tips from concerned individuals regarding multiple deer being shot, their heads removed, and their bodies left to waste. A lengthy investigation followed and is said to have led to the two suspects who have prior felony convictions. No names could be given at this time. No specific location was given either on where the crimes occurred other than Nowata County.

With the use of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's new "Go Outdoors Oklahoma" Licensing System, Warden Clay discovered that one suspect had checked in three deer in the previous two seasons as taken with a rifle tag. A search warrant was issued and served on the subject's residence afterwards. Oklahoma Game Wardems and local law enforcement (i.e. Nowata Sheriff's Office, Washington County Sheriff' Office, Nowata Police Department, and agencies in Craig and Delaware counties) uncovered multiple illegally harvested deer and other wildlife, firearms and drugs.

Charges filed include, but are not limited to, multiple counts of illegal possession of wildlife, possession of firearm after previous felony convictions, and possession of controlled and dangerous substance.

(Photo courtesy: Oklahoma Game Wardens)

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