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Posted: Nov 24, 2019 2:34 PMUpdated: Nov 25, 2019 6:27 AM

BOS: “With Honor and Thanks” Concert Helped Warhawk PTSD Service Dogs for Vets and First Responders

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Tom Davis/Kaleb Potter

With Honor and Thanks, was presented by the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra November 23rd, offering the promise of living, with hope and thanksgiving.

Conductor Lauren Green says, “November is a season where we do several things, but it all has to do with remembering and honoring and giving thanks. We give thanks for the things in our lives on Thanksgiving and then we extend that to Veterans Day—giving thanks to those who served and those who have died in service. And so we combined them into an interesting amalgam of a concert.”


A portion of the proceeds benefit Warhawk PTSD Service Dog Program.  


Kevin Doncaster from Warhawk PTSD Service Dogs program opened the BSO Saturday night by saying some words on those who have served our nation.

Then talked about the Warhawk PTSD Service Dog Program which is to reach those struggling from PTSD. Warkhawk breeds and trains Australian Shepherds to provide an alternative solution to those suffering from PTSD.

So far, Warhawk PTSD Service Dogs has given away 10 dogs this year- he surprised the audience by giving his own dog, Lacey, to a local veteran, United States Marine Lance Corporal Adam Sexton--making this dog number 11 donated.

The concert featured the music of Aaron Copland; Samuel Ward’s “America the Beautiful; Earl Robinson and Abel Meeropol’s “The House I live In”; along with Charles Ives ”Decoration Day”; and John Williams ”Hymn.”  



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