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Posted: Nov 22, 2019 8:18 AMUpdated: Nov 22, 2019 8:45 AM

Bartlesville Salvation Army Needs 1,200 Bell Ringers

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Garrett Giles

Even you can be a part of a Christmas season tradition that is 128 years old.

Captain Ian Carr said the Salvation Army in Bartlesville is in need of 1,200 bell ringers at their Red Kettles in the community. He said all the money that is raised with the Red Kettles goes toward their efforts to continue their programs.

The Salvation Army helps with electricity, utility and rent assistance. Captain Carr said an increase in demand is felt every month. He said they also help pay for funeral services, and they offer after school programs and summer programs for kids that the organization need finances for.

If the Salvation Army cannot get enough volunteers to ring bells, they will have to pay people to ring bells. In other words, the Salvation Army would lose money paying for people to ring bells when that money could be spent to better the community.

Captain Carr said they could use you in one of their 11 Red Kettle locations this holiday season. They need people to fill the 1,200 volunteer spots that are available. You can go individually or in a group, all they need is for you to volunteer.

All you have to do is visit bartlesvilleok.volunteerfirst.org. You can give Captain Carr a call as well. His number is 918.841.1425.

After Thanksgiving, Red Kettles will be set up at the Walmart in Bartlesville. The Salvation Army will set up shop at the Walmart in Skiatook after Thanksgiving, too.

Captain Carr said you need to be willing to stand outside in cold, windy weather. He said it is tough, but he believes in a community that is so giving.

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