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Posted: Nov 20, 2019 1:24 PMUpdated: Nov 20, 2019 1:38 PM

274 Subscribe to Recyclops; More Subscriptions Needed

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Garrett Giles

274 residents in the Bartlesville and Dewey area have signed up to bring in curbside recycling services.

Bartlesville City Councilman Paul Stuart said there was quite an increase in subscribers to Recyclops this past week, but 250 more interested members need to subscribe in order to bring the services in. There were only 73 subscribers at this time a week ago.

Recyclops – a voluntary, subscription service based out of Utah – found out about the area's interest in curbside recycling because of the results from last summer's recycling survey that was put on by the City of Bartlesville. The entire community does not need to sign-up, but the more people that sign-up, the more the cities can save money.

Councilman Stuart said Recyclops would not be tied to the City of Bartlesville or the City of Dewey, which means they will not use any tax dollars. Stuart said recycling will save the cities money because they will not have to pay dumping fees if more people choose to recycle with Recyclops.

Recyclops thinks it can come to Bartlesville, make a profit and service 3-percent of the area’s population (approximately 500 residents) for $10 per month. Councilman Stuart said Recyclops will accept household paper, flattened cardboard, plastic containers (types 1, 2 and 5), and metal. Once they get the logistics worked out, Recyclops will collect glass as well for $5 more.

If the minimum of 500 people sign-up and recycle an average of 5 pounds of recyclables a week, that means 32-tons of recyclables will not be going to the dump. If 1,000 were to sign-up and they average 10 pounds per pick-up, it will be approximately 120-tons in recyclables that do not go to the dump that the city has to pay for.

Recycling will not begin until the minimum 500 registrations are completed. You will not be charged until services begin. When it does start, there will be a $10 setup fee and you will use their bags for recycling.

Councilman Stuart said he believes prices could drop to $6 to $8 because of the interest the area has shown for curbside recycling. They will need 850 people to register for the services if the price were to be reduced. He said he believes this could be the “make-or-break” point for the area in terms of bringing in a curbside recycling service.

To sign-up your household (whether your live in Bartlesville or Dewey), go to recyclops.com. You can even live outside city limits and participate in the recycling efforts.

Recyclops is set up in rural locations in Utah, Idaho, Texas, Colorado and Arizon. Lawton, Oklahoma and Yukon, Oklahoma are other places they are looking to be in other than Bartlesville and Dewey. Recyclops likes to prioritize towns that have 7,500 to 50,000 inhabitants.

Councilman Stuart said companies and families that are looking to move into the area will see that there is interest in the area to keep our communities clean. He said it will show businesses that a certain portion of the population has disposable income for the "nice-to-haves," which will also show that the community could, if they are willing, spend more money on higher-end groceries.

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