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Posted: Nov 20, 2019 10:23 AMUpdated: Nov 20, 2019 10:24 AM

Bartlesville Public Schools Update

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Tom Davis

Bartlesville Public Schools Superintendent Chuck McCauley appeared Wednesday morning on our Community Connection program. He and others are back from a STEM Educational Conference in Texas where our school representatives served as presenters.

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McCauley says our Bartlesville Public Schools are viewed as well ahead on most schools when it comes to STEM education. As far as being recognized in this manner by peers, he says, ”It validates everything we’ve been doing. We have become one of the premiere programs across the country. We are really proud of the opportunity that our kids are getting on terms of getting that strong STEM education background starting in kindergarten and have them go all the up to the 12th grade.”  


Earlier this year, voters approved a pair of bond measures for the Bartlesville Public Schools for a number of needs including the construction of a Vo-Ag building and the construction of a new press box at Custer Stadium. Supt. McCauley says those two projects should be finished by August 1st. McCauley says the turf projects for the baseball and softball fields should be finished by February.


Other projects include updating each school’s Lobby Guard system, installing traffic lights and other safety needs and the purchase of 14 school buses. McCauley says the approval of the bus purchases could be made as soon as Thursday night when school board meets next.


McCauley also paid tribute to the late Sports and Activiies Director Spence Rigdon and longtime custodian Rusty Ryan during our interview. 


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