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Washington County

Posted: Nov 18, 2019 12:20 PMUpdated: Nov 18, 2019 12:28 PM

Tyler Technologies to Update Detention Center Software

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Garrett Giles

A license and services agreement between the Washington County Sheriff's Office and Tyler Technologies was approved on Monday.

Sheriff Scott Owen said this agreement will allow them to update the computers at the Washington County Detention Center in Bartlesville. He said the reporting, jail management, and dispatch systems will greatly improve.

The WCDC and the Bartlesville Police Department are already hooked at the hip. Sheriff Owen said this agreement with Tyler Technologies will allow the deputies at the Sheriff's Office and officers at the BPD to operate at a higher level. Other agencies like the Bartlesville Fire Department, Bartlesville EMS and Washington County Emergency Management will also benefit from this update.

Sheriff Owen said it will also enable them to do a better job of booking inmates and improving inmate safety. He said extensive training will take place in the next 60 days for deputies, dispatchers and jailers.

Undersheriff Jon Copeland has worked closely with the Tyler Technologies so they can update the computer software at the Washington County Detention Center in Bartlesville. He said they were able to work out detail and get a $50,000 reduction in total cost for the updates.

Savings across the board in terms of time management as mentioned is also very vital. Undersheriff Copeland said the deputies and officers on the streets will be able to enter some information in field, which will speed up the booking process. He said speeding that process up will help put officers back on the streets faster.

Undersheriff Copeland said information sharing with the Bartlesville Police Department will be tremendous. He said the BPD generates approximately 65-percent of the people that are detained at the Washington County Detention Center.

Yearly maintenance fees for the computers at the WCDC will decrease as well. Each module at the facility will get two major updates per year plus additional updates as needed. There will be 24 hour tech support should issues arise.

Undersheriff Copeland said these updates will help them stay compliant with State Incident Based Reporting. He added that the Uniformed Crime Report (UCR) is slowly going away to the National Incident Based Reporting System.

The new updates from Tyler Technologies for the Washington County Detention Center should be fully implemented in 2020.

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