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City of Bartlesville

Posted: Nov 06, 2019 12:17 PMUpdated: Nov 06, 2019 12:18 PM

Bartlesville Police Warn of Nationwide Scam

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Garrett Giles

The Bartlesville Police Department ask you to not believe in a scam that is going around the nation.

If you get a call or several calls that you have won money from Publishers Clearing House or any other organization telling you you have won money and need to pay the taxes on the winnings before you get it, hang up. The BPD said you should not send cash and you should never pay taxes before you receive any thing of value.

These scammers are said to live outside the US, so if you are a victim, there is not much local, state, and federal law enforcement can do. The BPD said you should always contact your bank or the police department and have it checked out before you get scammed. They said this information is to make citizens aware that these scams are nation wide.

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