Posted: Sep 13, 2019 12:18 PMUpdated: Sep 13, 2019 12:24 PM

League of Women Voters Set to Celebrate Voting Rights

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Garrett Giles

In 2020, the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment will be celebrated across the United States.

The Amendment has guaranteed and protected the right of women in the country to vote. The League of Women Voters of Bartlesville will celebrate the history as well. President Connie Lavoie said the League of Women Voters was born when the right to vote for women was gained.

The Women’s Network and the LWVB are partnering up to offer a series of events to celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment. Lavoie said Mary O’Toole will present on a book called “The Woman’s Hour” on March 28th. In August, a storyteller will do a reenactment called “My Mother’s Dream and My Daughter’s Hope.”

For more information, you are asked to contact the League of Women Voters of Bartlesville.

(Photo courtesy: LWV Bartlesville)

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