Posted: Aug 16, 2019 12:42 PMUpdated: Aug 16, 2019 12:49 PM

ConocoPhillips Shares Thoughts on Tower Center Project

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Garrett Giles

As mentioned earlier this week, ConocoPhillips will provide a $100,000 sponsorship to help fund construction of the Tower Center at Unity Square project. On Friday, the company released a statement as to why they are providing the sponsorship.

Karen Leinen, ConocoPhillips’ Senior Analyst for Bartlesville Community Relations, said, “The Tower Center green space project is exciting for Bartlesville and all of its residents, and we’re happy to be able to contribute toward it.” She went on to “It should be a welcome addition to the downtown area.”

In addition to the public funding and the ConocoPhillips sponsorship, donations for the project have also been received from the Lyon Foundation ($250,000), the Parsons Foundation ($60,000) and Arvest Bank ($10,000). In total, approximately $420,000 have been received for the project.

Bartlesville City Manager Mike Bailey said city staff is working with the Bartlesville Community Foundation to establish an avenue for additional donations to be made for those who wish to do so.

Voters approved $1.75 million for the downtown community green space project in the General Obligation Bond Election held in March 2018. The space will be located between the Price Tower and the Bartlesville Community Center at Sixth Street and Dewey Avenue, and will be maintained and operated by both organizations.

Construction on the green space got underway earlier this month and is expected to be substantially complete in early 2020.

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