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Posted: Aug 14, 2019 9:12 AMUpdated: Aug 14, 2019 9:37 AM

Coffeyville Youth Wins Grand Prize on Tuesday

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Garrett Giles

The best part of the Inter-State Fair for Deziree Lee is the part where she involves her animals, and on Tuesday, August 13, she won the grand champion at the swine show with her market barrow.

Louie, a 286 lb. cross-bred barrow, won her a purple ribbon and a buckle at the event in Coffeyville.

The Lee family has owned the pig since early April. Since then, the fifteen-year-old has spent several hours each night working with him, walking him and washing him daily.

Lee said Louie is the most peaceful pig she’s had.

“He’s the calmest pig I’ve ever had.” The pig walks alongside her, almost as if he thinks he’s human. “I’ll walk him, and if I stop, he’ll stop with me. If I start walking, he’ll start following me. He’s like a little baby.”

Lee, who will be a sophomore this fall at Field Kinley High School, is involved in FFA, dance team, Spanish classes, and is on the honor roll.

She also showed a second barrow earlier in the day, and had a gilt to show, but chose not to, when the gilt came up lame.  Showing her animals brings her much joy, as does the people involved in showing.

“I just love the people, hanging out with them, and making memories.” Showing animals can be stressful, “but it’s a lot of fun when you get into the ring.”

When it comes to support, Lee has a good support system to help her: her parents, Travis and Erin Lee, her younger sister, Lauren, her grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

And after the work is done, she loves to enjoy the rodeo, the funnel cakes and the root beer floats. The family is camping out at the fairgrounds, so they enjoy the fair entertainment each night.

Reserve champion was Brenden Anderson, Caney, Kansas.

(Photo courtesy: Ruth Nicolaus)

Full results from the swine show at the Inter-State Fair from Tuesday include:

Swine Show Results:

Market Barrow

Grand Champion: Deziree Lee, Coffeyville, Kan. 

Reserve grand champion: Brenden Anderson, Caney, Kan.

AOB (All other breeds)

Champion: Lily Anderson, Caney

Reserve champion: Cooper Robbins, Lenapah, Okla.


Champion: Sawyer Richardson, Vinita

Reserve champion: Cameron Vail, Altamont, Kan.


Champion: Conner Langworthy, Lenapah, Okla.

Reserve champion: McKinzie McAffrey, Welch, Okla.


Champion: Brenden Anderson, Caney, Kan.

Reserve champion: Sawyer Richardson, Vinita, Okla.


Champion: Kade Burgess, Miami, Okla.

Reserve champion: Cameron Vail, Altamont, Kan.


Champion: Zoe Dixon, Vinita, Okla.

Reserve champion: Kade Burgess, Miami, Okla


Champion: Deziree Lee, Coffeyville, Kan.

Reserve champion: Delaney Pippin, South Coffeyville, Okla.

Breeding Stock:

Grand Champion gilt: Lily Anderson, Caney, Kan.

Reserve champion gilt: Kinley Langworthy, Lenapah, Okla.

Champion commercial gilt: Lily Anderson, Caney, Kan.

Reserve champion commercial gilt: McKinzie McAffrey, Welch, Okla.

Champion Berkshire gilt: Kinley Langworthy, Lenapah, Okla.

Reserve champion Berkshire gilt: Tripp Tatum, Wann, Okla.

Champion Chester gilt: Gracey Tignaneli, Delaware, Okla.

Champion Hampshire gilt: Tripp Tatum, Wann, Okla.

Reserve champion Hampshire gilt: Morgan Hanigan, Oswego, Kan.

Champion Poland China gilt: Kelsey Wall, Bluejacket, Okla.

Champion Spotted Poland China gilt: Brittney Monroe, Edna, Kan.

Reserve champion Spotted Poland China gilt: Keaton Gillman, Miami, Okla. 

Champion Overall Purebred gilt: Kinley Langworthy, Lenepah, Okla.

Reserve champion overall purebred gilt: Maddie Gillman, Miami, Okla. 


Senior showmanship:

1.      Cord Dodson, Liberty, Kan.

2.      Brenden Anderson, Caney, Kan.

3.      Maddie Gillman, Welch, Okla.

4.      Delaney Pippin, So. Coffeyville, Kan.

5.      Keaton Gillman, Miami, Okla.

Junior showmanship:

1.      Lilly Anderson, Caney, Kan.

2.      Kade Burgess, Miami, Okla.

3.      Kinley Langworthy, Lenepah, Okla.

4.      Parker Midgett, Liberty, Kan.

5.      Colton Moss, Bluejacket, Okla.

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