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Posted: Aug 09, 2019 3:24 PMUpdated: Aug 09, 2019 3:32 PM

Fine Arts, Activities Would Benefit from Bond Funds

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Garrett Giles

With the 2019 Bond Issue Election right around the corner, there are a few things you should know about the Fine Arts at Bartlesville High School.

If approved, the activities at BPS will receive 2.6-percent of the approximately $17.9 million in Bond Funds. Instrumental Music Supervisor Alex Claussen (pictured left of Spence Rigdon) says this will make a big impact on the needs the Fine Arts have.

Bass clarinets need to be replaced because those instruments go out of alignment really quickly when they are checked out repeatedly. Oboes need to be replaced and most of the instruments in general within the District need upgrades.

Claussen said they have had instruments donated to them over the years but they are of varying quality.

The Fine Arts and activities within the Bartlesville Public School's district will benefit from the Bond Issue funds if the public votes yes this coming Tuesday.

Also of note, the Fine Arts Center at Bartlesville High School is 15-years-old and needs some renewal. The facility has been well kept over the years, but it is aging.

There was an original hope back when the facility was built that they would be able to install a pit that could be raised automatically. This was for safety purposes. It was also intended to reserve manpower.

Claussen said if they are able to get this machinery in, the usage of the pit would be so much safer.

A new press box is on the line with the upcoming Bond Issue election for Bartlesville Public Schools as well.

While it is important for broadcasters and athletics, it would also make a tremendous impact on Bartlesville's Marching Band program. Claussen explained that there are several judges that handle band competitions they attend that require two judges to be in the press box. He said the judges in the press box judge the visual aesthetic of the band during the contests.

The problem with the current press box at Custer Stadium is how tight it is. Judges in the press box would have to be stacked on top of each other. Space is needed so they can judge effectively with honest input. Plus, updated restrooms in the facility and a rest area would do wonders for judges and fans alike.

The facility is the one piece they need and if they can get, and Claussen believes they will be able to hold their own invitational-type contest. He also believes they would be able to seriously apply for State-level competition bids as well.

The Bond Issue Election will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 13th.

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