Posted: Aug 08, 2019 12:20 PMUpdated: Aug 08, 2019 12:29 PM

Young Adult Group Assists with Convoy of Hope Prep

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Garrett Giles

The Spirit Young Adults group met Wednesday night at Spirit Church's East Campus location.

Following a time of worship and scriptural study, the college-aged church goers came together to organize fliers for the upcoming Convoy of Hope event.

Associate Pastor Ike Amaro said his students from either Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Rogers State University or around town are making an impact. He said it is always wonderful to see young men and women step-up to the plate and help with a community event.

Their efforts will help inform all elementary aged students and their parents in the area know of the resources that will be available at Convoy of Hope towards the end of the month. During the Community Event, Convoy of Hope and the Bartlesville community will provide free groceries, health services, haircuts, family portraits, job services, veteran services, a kid’s zone, a hot meal, new children’s shoes, and more, while supplies last.

Identification is not required to attend or participate in the event. Everyone is welcome.

There are plenty Convoy of Hope fliers to go around in the effort to raise awareness to the event. The total circulation of fliers to go out to the public for Convoy of Hope is around 35,000.

Pastor Amaro said the Spirit Young Adults group helped organize approximately 3,000 to go to all of Bartlesville's Elementary Schools on Wednesday night. About 800 of those fliers are being sent up north to Dewey Elementary School.

You can learn more about the event by visiting You can also contact Keith and Christy McPhail at 918.214.4968.

(Pictured below: Students continue to work on fliers; fliers mount up as the counting is through for each class)


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