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Posted: Jun 03, 2019 7:09 PMUpdated: Jun 03, 2019 7:15 PM

Attendance Policy Revised, Contracts Renewed Monday

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Garrett Giles

Amanda Guilfoyle is the newest member to the Dewey School Board of Education. She declared her position under oath during Monday night's Dewey School Board meeting.

Later in the meeting, the Board approved revisions to policies surrounding attendance at Dewey Public Schools.

Superintendent Vince Vincent said they needed to change the maximum amount of allowed absences to 8 days. He said they had 10 allowed absences last school year.

Chronic absenteeism has been added to School Report Cards in recent years. Chronic absenteeism, Vincent said, is anyone who is missing more than 10-percent of the school year.

With Dewey having 164 school days, Vincent said the 10 days allowed for absences is more than the defined 10-percent by the State. The Dewey School Board approved the revisions to the policy to reduce the number of allowed absences to 8.

Vincent said it was necessary to match the policy with what the State has defined as "Chronic Absenteeism."

Several contracts were renewed during Monday night's meeting. Superintendent Vincent said one of the contract renewals was a transportation contract with Tri County Tech.

This is a fairly new transportation contract that goes unchanged with the renewal. Superintendent Vincent said Copan used to provide transportation to Dewey and Copan students who needed to get to Tri County Tech.

Eventually Copan could not provide the services anymore and asked Dewey to carry on the services. Vincent said they are able to carry on the relationship through the contract renewal.

Other contract renewals from Monday's meeting include:

  • OSSBA Employment Services
  • Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group for property, fleet and liablity insurance coverage
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance through the Oklahoma School Assurance Group
  • Membership renewal with OSSBA (for Board members)
  • OSSBA policy subscription service
  • Special Services agreement between Dewey Public Schools and Head Start
  • Sodexo Food Services Management
  • Alcohol and Drug testing, Inc.
  • Physical therapy services with MoveUp, PLLC
  • Student information system with Infinite Campus

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