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City of Bartlesville

Posted: May 28, 2019 12:55 PMUpdated: May 28, 2019 1:36 PM

A Councilman Joins Bartlesville Police for a Night

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Garrett Giles

A Bartlesville City Councilman takes a ride with local law enforcement over the weekend.

Ward 2 City Councilman Paul Stuart rode with the Bartlesville Police Department to see them in action. He saw them respond to several calls in the area from 8:00 Friday night to 4:00 Saturday morning.

In that time, Stuart said he saw routine traffic stops, the potential of a brawl breaking out and being broken up, and response to a domestic violence call. Assistance with a traffic accident was seen by Stuart. He also saw police assist a man with displaying mental health concerns.

Councilman Stuart added that they went to a local tavern to make their presence felt and make sure people knew to drive sober on top of other things. This experience led Stuart to believe that the Bartlesville Police Department needed more to do their job.

A man allegedly flipped off police and acted belligerently when they were at the bar. Councilman Stuart said the BPD later discovered that the gentleman had active warrants for his arrest so an arrest was made.

During the arrest, others in the bar were allegedly filming the incident on their phones. Body cameras, Stuart said, would have been nice for the officers so they could have their side of the story recorded should someone attempt to use the video against the officers involved.

To support the Bartlesville Police Department and their efforts to keep the community safe, Councilman Stuart asks that people donate to the Bartlesville Police Foundation through the Bartlesville Community Foundation. He said your donations would go toward buying body cameras for Bartlesville boys in blue.

To make a donation, you can call the BCF at 918.337.2287. Stuart also encourages you to schedule a “Ride Along” with the Bartlesville Police Department.

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