Nowata County

Posted: May 22, 2019 1:24 PMUpdated: May 22, 2019 5:36 PM

NCEM Officials Anticipating More Flooding

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Max Gross

The threat of more flooding is looming around all of Northeast Oklahoma as more storms have potential to hit the area on Wednesday afternoon. Nowata County Emergency Management director Laurie Summers says that with already saturated conditions around the area more rainfall will be problematic.

The Verdigris River did reach its projected crest at 36 feet, but is holding steady. This has already caused a closure on Highway 10 east of Highway 169. Summers says the same areas effected on Monday could potentially flood again on Wednesday night.

Summers says it is projected that the area could receive another 2.5 inches of rainfall throughout Wednesday. We will have continued coverage of severe weather and flooding in Washington, Nowata and Osage counties.


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