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Posted: May 21, 2019 3:06 PMUpdated: May 21, 2019 3:07 PM

Bartlesville Police Department Foundation Added

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Ty Loftis

Area residents have raised money for projects and to buy equipment for the Bartlesville Police Department thanks to the newly-formed Bartlesville Police Department Foundation. City Councilman Paul Stewart said the foundation was formed to help police get the nice things that they might not otherwise have.


The Foundation was formed when City of Bartlesville Grant Coordinator Nancy Warring and Bartlesville Police Department Sergeant Detective Jim Warring saw a need for the organization. Nancy Warring was quoted as saying the following:


“I heard about cities with police foundations and wondered if it was something we could do here. It would be another source of funding besides grants and I imagined it would be well supported in a community like Bartlesville that values its law enforcement. Jim took the idea to the new chief. He supported it and then Jim rounded up some board members."


The Foundation formed in March and has met three times thus far. Any donations are tax deductible and will be received through the Bartlesville Community Foundation. Projects and equipment will be chosen based on requests submitted to the Foundation from the police department. For more information about the Foundation, call Nancy Warring at 918-338-4243. To make a donation, call the Bartlesville Community Foundation at 918-337-2287. 

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