Posted: May 10, 2019 12:11 PMUpdated: May 10, 2019 12:59 PM

Sen. Inhofe: The Border Wall Will Work

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Garrett Giles

What has been called “The Crisis at the Border” has seen 266,000 arrests of criminal aliens in the last two fiscal years.

U.S. Senator for Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe, said people may be getting tired of the talk of building a wall at the border with Mexico, but he assures that President Donald Trump will get it done.

"The wall works," Inhofe said. He went on to say that walls built in Tuscon and Yuma have seen success rates in the 90-percent range when it comes to stopped illegal traffic.

In February alone 76,000 illegal crossings at the border took place. Sen. Inhofe said that doubled last year's rate. That was also an 11-year high.

After an Immigration Meeting at the White House this week, Sen. Inhofe said they are taking the right steps on new guidelines for asylum officers.

Those guidelines essentially offer common sense steps like challenging those who have discrepencies in their claims. More spefically, it is to document "the fear of harm" if deported more closely.

Inhofe said 90-percent who claim asylum pass the lax standards of a credible interview before they get a court data and are released into the U.S. He said the date shows that they are then never heard from again.

This would also cut back on the backlog in the U.S. Court System. Sen. Inhofe said it is vital that asylim screenings take place at embassies or consulates before applicants cross the border.

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