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Posted: May 07, 2019 12:56 PMUpdated: May 07, 2019 1:02 PM

Dewey Fire Changes Logos to Represent Community

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Garrett Giles

Carrying a professional image – the Dewey Fire Department announced a change to its logos on Facebook last weekend.

Fire Chief Chad Schuler said that there was nothing wrong with the brand. He said they just wanted to re-brand in a way that best represents Dewey.

To Chief Schuler, Dewey Fire felt as if they had the same logos surrounding fire departments had. Those include volunteer fire department, Oglesby Fire and Copan Fire.

One of the new logos incorporates historic Dewey Marshal, Cowboy and Western Film Star Tom Mix.

Chief Schuler said Tom Mix is a big figure in Dewey. He said everyone in the area knows who Tom Mix is and the Tom Mix Museum is not far from the Dewey Fire Station. That is why they have a "TM" as part of their logo with the Cowboy wearing the bandana.

The other logo that read “Dewey Fire” was designed to incorporate Dewey High School. Chief Schuler said you can tell by looking at the font and the way the logo is lettered.

(Photo Courtesy: Dewey Fire)

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