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Posted: May 03, 2019 12:27 PMUpdated: May 03, 2019 2:08 PM

Oklahoma Counties Could Get Money Back for Projects

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Garrett Giles

The State of Oklahoma’s budget has been discussed at great lengths this week.

District 10 House Representative Judd Strom said the buzz in the halls at the Capitol has focused on who is going to budge first. He said the Senate and the House had close budget numbers on everything.

Those numbers being close would have been easier to work out, but now Governor Kevin Stitt has suggest his budget numbers. Representative Strom said the numbers were different than what the Senate and House has discussed, which changes things a little bit.

Representative Strom said they are doing what they can to give money to education. He said both the House and Senate want to give money that supports the criminal justice system.

A bill also passed recently that would give money back to counties across the State. Representative Strom said $30 million for county roads and bridges programs will be back that used to be in place. He said when Oklahoma's economy was down, that money was removed. Now that the economy is back up, they are trying to get the money back in the right place.

When it came to the teacher pay raise, Strom said Oklahoma went from being ranked 49th to being ranked 34th in the United States.

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