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Posted: Apr 19, 2019 3:33 PMUpdated: Apr 19, 2019 3:38 PM

Dinner Leaves Sen. Daniels with Sobering Thoughts

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Garrett Giles

A dinner Bartlesville Senator Julie Daniels was invited to this week left her unhappy.

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford invited Sen. Daniels to the dinner and she said there was an opportunity for her and others to talk to President Donald Trump's drug czar Jim Carroll. They talked about local, State and national issues with drugs.

Those talks made Sen. Daniels think about State Question 788. She said she knows that they put medical marijuana in place and there are those who are trying to put more regulation on medical marijuana, but she also knows SQ 788 was so open-ended. With that, Sen. Daniels said SQ 788 would not work long term.

Sen. Daniels said on top of that, there are many ways drug makers are becoming more and more sophisticated. She said the oddest thing she heard during the discussions this week was that the next biggest threat to America is India, not China. The potency of marijuana and what is happening in California has bothered her as well.

Most officials involved in judicial issues like Sen. Daniels (the Chairman for the Senate Judiciary Committee) and law enforcement officials were in attendance. Despite the sobering discussion this week, she was thankful Sen. Lankford invited her to the dinner.

Sen. Daniels said they need to do a better job of getting money out to the communities for drug treatment.

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