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Posted: Apr 19, 2019 3:23 PMUpdated: Apr 19, 2019 3:37 PM

Auxiliary Container Bill Passes House, Heads to Gov. Stitt

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Garrett Giles

Senate Bill 1001 got the minimum 51-votes and squeaked by the Oklahoma House of Representatives this week.

District 11 Representative Derrel Fincher said he voted against the bill that would prohibit political subdivisions like counties, cities and school districts from regulating, prohibiting or taxing “auxiliary containers.” He said that is bill talk for the plastic bags you get at the grocery store or the take out containers you may receive.

Representative Fincher, a strong proponent of local control, said the question for Senate Bill 1001 is would it have affected how people did business inside and out of the State of Oklahoma. He said he did not see the when the bill was on the House Floor.

According to Fincher, every political subdivision that has taxing authority or the ability to facilitate fees sets their own tax rate. Therefore, every time you cross state lines, there's a different tax rate. These do not exist in Oklahoma, Fincher said.

This was a preemption. Rep. Fincher said part of this comes down to concerns for overreach by the State government if they are going to cry overreach by the Federal Government. He said there is never a perfect dividing line and the bill was in a gray area.

Senate Bill 1001 now heads to Governor Kevin Stitt.

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