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Posted: Apr 16, 2018 4:41 PMUpdated: Apr 16, 2018 4:41 PM

Bartlesville Woman Charged With Assault On Police Officer

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Max Gross

A woman who showed signs of having a mental handicap was arrested after a causing a scene at Walmart. Lisa Harmon stood before a judge at the Washington County Courthouse on Monday facing three charges of assault and battery on a police officer.

According to an affidavit, Harmon and her mother got into an argument at Walmart and the mother left. Harmon called the police to ask for help after her mother had left the store. The officer on the scene made contact with Harmon’s mother. The mother claimed that Harmon creates incident like this on a daily basis and she has had enough.

The officer asked the mother if she could come back and pick up Harmon. Harmon overheard this and started to throw a tantrum which included making threats toward her mother. After this the mother said she was not coming back.

The officer was able to get Harmon outside of the store to try to make a plan to get her home. A call was made to Adult Protective Services and they said Harmon did not meet the criteria for them to get involved.

Harmon began getting verbally aggressive toward one of the other officers on the scene. Harmon and the officer got into a scuffle with her ending up on the ground. While on the ground Harmon punched another officer in the shin two times. While attempting to detain Harmon a third officer was struck in the legs.

All three officers were finally able to detain Harmon and she was placed under arrest.

Harmon’s bond was set at $1,500.


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