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Posted: Mar 12, 2018 8:33 PMUpdated: Mar 13, 2018 3:14 AM

School Board Approves up to Ten Days Suspended Classes

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Charlie Taraboletti
The Bartlesville School Board unanimously authorized Superintendent Chuck McCauley to suspend classes for up to ten days Monday night.  Bartlesville has taken a lead role in the effort to have the state legislature live up to its responsibility to fund schools and pay state employees.
Director of Technology, Granger Meador took the nearly packed Bartlesville High School Fine Arts Center auditorium through a presentation on how the state got to where it is today in education funding.  The Time is Now OK dot com plan outlines specific recommendations for Oklahoma Schools and for the state.  When he was done, Meador issued a specific challenge that he wanted answered by Friday.
Tyler Vaclaw, who made the motion to suspend classes in Bartlesville said the Bartlesville fix is an effort to do what the state legislature won't.
Board Member Allison Clark says the plan should just be phase one, step one of what has to be done.
Clark was clear the board was not just speaking for teachers.
Superintendent, Chuck McCauley says Bartlesville Schools will start adding extra minutes to the class day on Thursday.
The plan presented the means to make up the first five days of suspended classes. After that, board members will need to meet again.
State law requires the legislature to pass an education budget by April first.  That has only happened once since the law was passed in 2003.

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