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Posted: Feb 13, 2018 3:26 PMUpdated: Feb 13, 2018 3:42 PM

District Confirms Background Checks

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Ben Nicholas
Results from the Bartlesville Public Schools initial investigation of SourceOne background checks have been completed.
Initial on-site checks did not identify any custodians who did not meet the state requirement: that no contracted employee works on school premises who has been convicted of a felony offense in any state within the past ten years.  SourceOne has now agreed to go beyond the usual state requirement such that anyone with a record of any felony offense, or any level of a drug offense, will not be allowed to work in the Bartlesville Public Schools.
The district has received copies of background checks conducted by SourceOne per its contract with the district. Those and earlier background checks the district had conducted on custodians retained after the outsourcing was conducted by the OSBI or SentryLink. They have been cross-referenced against the custodians identified by the district at each site, and the district is independently investigating any concerns. Anyone discovered to have a felony offense or any level of drug offense will not be allowed to work in the Bartlesville Public Schools.
Concern expressed in social media that unapproved subcontracting may have occurred without the district’s knowledge. As an immediate safety precaution, the district’s Safe and Healthy Schools Coordinator made the rounds last week and early this week to conduct on-the-spot background checks of each custodian identified at each site. The district’s Lobby Guard system was utilized, which checks driver’s licenses against a database of registered sex offenders and violent offenders registered in Oklahoma. When a driver’s license was not available, a preliminary check was completed by alternate means. 

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