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Posted: Nov 13, 2017 8:57 PMUpdated: Nov 13, 2017 8:57 PM

Council Hears Bond Project Requests

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Charlie Taraboletti
City Engineer, Micah Siemers walked the Bartlesville City Council through a list of niearly 28 million dollars worth of requests from different sectors of city goverment Monday night.  The items are all potential parts of a bond proposal the council would put before voters in the spring.  City Clerk Mike Bailey told the council that the items on the list of projects have all been validated by agencies such as the park board or the street commission or by city departments such as the fire or police department.   City staff will now prioritize the list and present its recommendations for a bond proposal during next week's council meeting.
Bailey presented three possible dates for a bond election -- February 13th, March 6th, or April 3rd.  While he didn't make a formal recommendation to the council, Bailey did say he liked the March date because it would give voters enough time to be familiar with what the city is asking without stretching so far into the year that the city couldn't use the funds well after they were approved.  It's likely that the council will not formalize the proposal until the November 27th council meeting.

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