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Posted: Nov 13, 2017 6:47 PMUpdated: Nov 13, 2017 6:47 PM

Bartlesville School Board Discusses Policy

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Max Gross

The Bartlesville School board discussed many things at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night.

The board started off by honoring both the Bruin boys cross country team who the 6A state championship and the girls’ team who finished second in the state. All members of the team in attendance were congratulated.

Linda Dzialo from Great Expectations then gave a presentation honoring Bartlesville Public Schools for its achievement as a model school district.

Each individual school was presented with a plaque recognizing this accomplishment.

The lone discussion topic was brought up by Stephanie Curtis and Jason Langham. They wanted to address the lack of policy pertaining to service animals. Langham and Curtis informed that they want the district to abide by Americans with Disabilities Act policies.

However, board member Tyler Vaclaw was concerned that students without disabilities could start bringing pets to school under this broad policy.

There is only one student at thigh school with a service animal, but once this this district-wide policy is passed then two more students will be allowed to bring their service animals on campus. This policy will be on next month’s agenda.

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