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Hometown Hero


Truity Credit Union-Bartlesville Radio HOMETOWN HERO


Help us Recognize and THANK those who are on the Frontlines daily serving us - Hometown Heroes like Doctors, Nurses and
Medical workers - EMT's, Police and Firefighters - Essential Retail and Food Service Workers - Caregivers - Sanitation
Workers - Friends and Neighbors who are making a difference during this difficult time.  Click the link below
to give us a picture and information. We will post them here and talk about them on the radio stations.




Tina Boyd & The ER Crew:

Ascension St John  



Carolyn Morgan & Friends-Bartlesville:

Diana Hackler, Teresa Reich, Lila Whinery, Donna Hogan, and Gracy Basumata. Several others provided elastic and materials.  Leslee Loosen was our runner for supplies and deliveries.

Making Masks and Headbands for nurses at the hospital. (The headbands with buttons because the nurses ears were hurting from the pressure of wearing masks all day)


Keri Birk:

Respiratory Therapist


Kendra Stapp:

Director of Medical Staff Services for Ascension St. John. She continues to go to work, not working from home, to support our physicians. She’s a single mom, selflessly giving to all those around her. She may not be on the front line, but she’s definitely MY Hometown Hero!

Chasity Coleman:

Grill Cook/Crew member for Braum's


Janice Shippy:

Nurse Practitioner

Serving the Bartlesville Community as an instructor for the BSN program at OKWU since 2008.

Shawn & Cheron Southwick:

Shawn is a ER Director/Physician at Labette Health in Parsons, KS and Cheron is serving her community through continued education online schooling for Oklahoma Union School District.

Mayri Hebert/President of Green Country Republican Women's Club and other local sewing ladies:

The club sewed masks for medical facilities, Veterans, seniors and the radio stations!

Ciara Reeves:

EMT Nowata Ambulance Service

Jeff Roberts:

Jeff is a Repairman for home appliances and lawn equipment. He travels everyday all over Oklahoma and Kansas going into homes to repair their broken items.

Anita Newton:

Postal Clerk. She's at work everyday sorting mail, selling stamps, processing packages for delivery

Roy Parker:

The Agape Mission

Since the COVID 19 outbreak Roy has prepared and cooked for over 300 people everyday in which that number has nearly doubled compared to whats been the normal. He's a hero to many and can always be counted on to" FEED THE PEOPLE"

Ashley Benfer:

Nurse Assistant, Ascension St John

Clifton Conner

Clifton and his crew at the Bartlesville UPS store are keeping post office boxes open and have been sending supplies to various locations around the US. They serve our community by helping to keep our community up and running. Thank you to him and his crew!

Jon Beckloff

Jon Beckloff is the Director of Child Nutrition for the Bartlesville Public Schools. Jon has made sure that all children in Bartlesville have nutritious meals and do not go hungry during this COVID-19 period.


The husbands and wives of all those on the frontline(firemen, police, nurses, Drs etc)

They support their loved ones who put their lives on the line everyday, they are the backbone! They carry the fear and uncertainty of the risks that their loved ones face every time they walk out the door to do what they do without hesitation!

From Every town and city in Oklahoma

Tower Two Recovery Nurses with masks made by Bartlesville Southern Baptist Crew

They provide excellent care for those in recovery from surgery!

Terri Meeker

Nurse at Hillcrest Hospital

Linda Mohler, Marcia Dershem, Paula Crawford

The ladies are part of M&M Singers, which visit and sing each week in area nursing homes, but are now prevented from doing so. They are busy making "fidget pads" for residents.


Chelsea Beard 

She is a nurse at JPMC.

She hasn't seen her kids in several days and is working extra shifts.

Paige Perkins 

Nurse at the Cooweescoowee Health Center

Krystal McCarty 

Krystal is a RN at Jane Phillips medical center, working in the Covid-19 unit. Krystal has kept her bright, loving attitude while working with all the changes taking place.


All the Staff at Adam's PARC

The Staff at Adam's PARC at still working everyday caring for their residents.


Angie Bidleman

Angie is the Chief Nursing Officer for Ascension/St.John/Jane Phillips. She is a true example of servant leadership. She strives each day to make sure the associates know how much they are appreciated for all they do. She has shown exemplary strength and dedication to Jane Phillips and our community!

City and Rural carriers Bartlesville United States Postal Carriers

Sort and carry mail, check on elderly customers and smile and wave daily.


Jennifer Butler 

Jennifer has been one of the administrators working tireless hours covering the COVID 19 Unit at Ascension St John/Jane Phillips. She has helped organize and problem solve this ever evolving department. She has helped create a sense of calmness for her nurses that have been thrust into the frontlines of this pandemic. Jen, we love you!!




All area ISP service men/women.

They continue to make service calls to keep everyone's internet up and running, allowing those of us working from home and those of us just needing to stay connected to continue to do so.

Captain Kevin Ickleberry 

Bartlesville Police Department

Adam Butterfield, Eric Bevins and David Taylor

Bartlesville Fire Department

Misty Wishall and her team at Mary Martha Outreach

Misty and her team are working hard in making sure that families in need in our community are still able to get groceries safely during this Covid-19 pandemic. She makes sure her team is prepared with mask and gloves and use proper precautions to prevent the spread of infection while still helping our community and keeping a facility open.

Steve Burnett

Firefighter Bartlesville Fire Department


Brenda Prufer

She is sewing masks.

All our Friends at the Grocery Stores - Cindi & Judy pictured here

They serve us daily with our essential food needs. Thank you so much, from our community.

Paula Barnes and Kelly Willis from Mutual Girls Club

Helping to make face masks for the Bartlesville Community.


Shauna Dayhoff, Dalton Dayhoff and Treasure Magana

They serve with their continuous support in the nursing field, providing excellent care during this rough time. Donna would like you to know they are all very proud of you and thank you for your service to the community. 



Is the Manager at Eastside Lot A Burger for keeping his drive thru running smoothly for all his customers. He works everyday except Sunday. He is very dedicated to his customers to make them happy, very proud of this hard working young man. He goes beyond to satisfy them all. Big shoutout to TJMagana.Thank you very much.