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Posted: Jun 10, 2024 10:40 AMUpdated: Jun 10, 2024 10:40 AM

Wendi Stearman Clears the Air on Negative Mailer

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Tom Davis
"I do not accept PAC money or donations from lobbyists," stated Oklahoma Senate challenger Wendi Stearman Monday on KWON's COMMUNITY CONNECTION. However, she did address a negative ad against her during the program.
Stearman said she wants to talk about the mailer in question. Wendi said that although she is very much a proponent of election security,  she voted NO on a voter ID bill that broadened the qualification of a federal ID to tribal ID's. Stearman said that as a tribal citizen, then you are already a US citizen and a citizen of Oklahoma and you already have ID verifying this, why add and expand the list? 
Stearman said she stands by that statement and she tells anyone she talks to on the campaign trail she is out to represent the people and the individual. She said that is the biggest difference between her and her opponent.
Stearman faces incumbent State Senator Julie Daniels in the June primary
In her house term, Wendi was acknowledged as one of the House's most conservative members. She was one of only two Oklahoma legislators to earn a 100% lifetime rating from the state's conservative benchmark publication, The Oklahoma Constitution, since 1979.
One of her notable legislative feats was the passing of HB4327, a landmark pro-life law that not only halted all abortion procedures in Oklahoma but also elicited a personal condemnation from Kamala Harris.
Wendi is a mother of six. She passionately advocates for parental rights, particularly in matters of health and education. She proposed the bill to cut Oklahoma's ties with the National School Board Association after it sought the involvement of the Biden “Justice” Department against parents and introduced a bill to protect children from vaccine mandates.
Wendi's political philosophy emphasizes individual liberties, limited governmental powers, Second Amendment rights, and sanctity of life. She views the Capitol not as a social club, but as a battlefield to defend Oklahomans from what she terms the "Administrative State."

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