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Osage County

Posted: Jun 06, 2024 2:54 PMUpdated: Jun 06, 2024 2:56 PM

Looking for Answers in Osage County Sheriff's Race

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Ty Loftis
Leading up to the June 18th primary election in Osage County, there have been several accusations made and plenty of gossip floating around. 
Bart Perrier has been steadfast in saying that during Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden's first term in office, he asked Perrier if he wanted to become Osage County Sheriff.
Virden admitted that his wife, who is a nurse practicioner, got offered a job out of state and because they thought about leaving the state, he began looking for someone who could fill his shoes, should they decide to leave.
Perrier said that after he finished working security for Cavalcade, Virden did ask Perrier if he wanted to become Osage County Sheriff, but after telling Virden he would, things "fell apart."  

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