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Posted: Jun 06, 2024 10:08 AMUpdated: Jun 06, 2024 10:08 AM

Bartlesville Safety Team Attends Oklahoma Association of School Resource Officers Conference

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Chase McNutt

A group of Bartlesville School Resource Officers (“SROs”) and Bartlesville Public Schools administrators attended the Oklahoma Association of School Resource Officers conference in Tulsa this week.


The keynote speaker, Dr. Bernard James, noted the efforts of Bartlesville Public Schools and the Bartlesville Police Department in partnering to keep students and teachers safe.


Over the past two years, BPS has invested heavily in school safety. Each of the District’s nine school campuses now have an SRO designated to serve that site, with the high school having two. These ten SROs include Officer Michele McKinley, Officer Korie Plummer, Sergeant Ben Hollander, Officer Nick Replogle, Corporal Steven Letterman, Officer Hunter Tomlinson, Officer Levi Robertson, Officer Maggie Blevins, and Officer K.C. Jackson. The SROs are trained and employed by the Bartlesville Police Department and assigned to serve within BPS.


At the conference with the SROs was Bartlesville Police Chief of Police Kevin Ickleberry, Lieutenant Chris Mims, Director of Health and Safety Kerry Ickleberry, Executive Director of Special Services and School Programs Jason Langham, Hoover Elementary Principal Tiffany Holmes, Madison Middle School Assistant Principal Cheron Southwick, Ranch Heights Principal Chanda Myers, and Richard Kane Elementary Principal Tammie Krause.


Executive Director of Special Services and School Programs, Jason Langham, said, “Kerry and our team have done an outstanding job of growing our program and it was an honor to be recognized by Dr. James today at OKASRO.”


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