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City of Bartlesville

Posted: Apr 03, 2024 2:29 PMUpdated: Apr 03, 2024 2:42 PM

Bartlesville Council Approves Sidewalk Ordinance

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Ty Loftis

At this week's city council meeting in Bartlesville, a sidewalk ordinance, which amends the City's current policy was approved. The Council hopes these changes will provide a more accessible way of life for pedestrians.


The Council had been talking about this issue for several months, but they needed to come to an agreement on the exact verbiage. Here is Ward Two Council member Loren Rozel talking about some of the things they needed to iron out back in February.


Some of the major changes to the ordinance include creating areas where sidewalk repair is mandatory, an assignment of maintenance responsibilities to the City and property owner and the implementation to enforce penalties for non-compliance.


Public surveys, citizen input and involvement from the council were the driving force behind changes in the sidewalk ordinance.

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