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Posted: Apr 02, 2024 8:25 AMUpdated: Apr 02, 2024 8:38 AM

Barnsdall Mayor Talks Damage from Tornado

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Evan Fahrbach

Reports are coming in from Barnsdall about the damage that some structures took after a tornado touched down on the Osage County town on Monday evening.

A handful of structures along with two homes were demolished all on the east side of town. There is scattered damage to other homes and businesses in other parts of town, as well.

Barnsdall Mayor Johnny Kelley talks about what he has seen since the storm came through.

There is a command post set up at the county barn with the fire department. Kelley said people can check in there.

There are no reports of any injuries at this time.

Kelley says a lot of time overnight was spent on making sure the nursing home has power.

After getting some generators the power is back on. 

We will have more information from Barnsdall as it becomes available.

Tornado Damage Video

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