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Posted: Jan 25, 2024 3:07 PMUpdated: Jan 25, 2024 3:19 PM

NY Man Facing Felony Identity Theft Charges

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Chase McNutt

A New York man was seen in Washington County Court this week on the charges of fraudulently obtaining personal identity of another, falsely personate another to create liability, and attempt to obtain cash by false pretenses.

Robert Ayala was arrested Tuesday after he attempted to make a withdrawal from someone else’s bank account in the amount of $600.

According to an affidavit, Ayala was at the RCB bank in Bartlesville with the victim’s passport and was trying to make a withdrawal of $600 out of the victim’s account. RCB made contact with the victim with Ayala’s alias, and the victim did not recognize the name, which led to Ayala’s arrest.

Ayala though had been using a separate Virginia license with a different name when identifying himself to police. It was later discovered his real name is Robert Ayala.

Due to already having a previous felony conviction, Ayala was given a $100,000 bond and his next court date is set for Feb. 9th.

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