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Bartlesville Public Schools

Posted: Jan 14, 2022 2:17 PMUpdated: Jan 14, 2022 2:19 PM

Bruins on the Run Brought Back for Spring Session

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Garrett Giles

Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation (BPSF) brings back Bruins on the Run for a spring mini session.

BPSF Executive Director Blair Ellis says this extension of the season will run from Monday, Feb. 14 through Saturday, March 26. She says the program will be open to the 112 5th graders and the mentors that were right there with them in the Fall 2021 term.

Students that ran in the fall should already have their shoes and their t-shirt. Ellis says BPSF will cover the race registration costs. She says the students and mentors will run the Central Middle School 5K and the KLIFE 10K.

Transportation costs (to races and practice) are covered by BPSF as well.

Ellis says BPSF would extend the program two years ago, and it was going well until the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down in 2020. She says they didn't hold a spring session last year, and they were on the fence about prolonging the running initiative this year until parents started asking about their being a second round.

One of the biggest concerns was whether or not they would have the mentors required to run again when second semester came around. Ellis says it never ceases to amaze her how often their teachers step up to run with their kiddos. She says Bartlesville Public Schools' teachers realize the importance of the program when it comes to mental and physical health.

BPSF always tries to budget to the point where they can hold two sessions during each season of Bruins on the Run. Ellis says they received generous donations this year from families with runners from past seasons and families with students currently enrolled in the program. She says they have also received funds from the Truity Education Foundation, the Bartlesville Community Foundation, and the Arvest Foundation.

Runners will participate in the Central Middle School 5K on Feb. 26 and the KLIFE 10K on March 26. Ellis says students and mentors will train for six weeks after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. She says there will be no training during spring break.

Ellis says Todd Cone and a small group of people have put together the "Oilman Triple Challenge." She says any runner in the community that runs a 5K, 8K and 10K in the same running season can qualify for a huge Oilman Triple Challenge medal. Students in Bruins on the Run that attend the mini season will be eligible to receive this honor.

BPSF is expected to send application packets home next week.

If you wish to learn more or make a donation, you can visit BPSF's website here.

Ellis says $50 covers the cost of running shoes for their kids. She says a $250 donation covers all the costs for a fall and spring session for one student. Donations made today will fund a new class of 5th graders during season four of Bruins on the Run in 2022.

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