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Local Government

Posted: May 09, 2019 3:01 PMUpdated: May 09, 2019 3:07 PM

Fincher Pens Column on Teacher Pay Bill

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Max Gross

Oklahoma district 11 representative Derrell Fincher wrote a column expressing his opinions on education budgeting in the state. Fincher represents most of Washington County and parts of Osage and Rogers County as well.

Fincher’s column debated whether funding should be given to schools to use as they please with the thought that it could be used for teacher pay increases or that the funds should be explicitly dedicated to teacher pay raises.

Fincher says it could be a long process to secure proper funding.

Fincher supports the proposal of the House that every teacher should receive the $1,200 pay raise. This makes it more likely to keep experienced teachers in the classroom, attract new teachers, and reduce the need for emergency certifications for people with no teaching experience. The senate suggested only boosting pay for teachers making the minimum.

Fincher acknowledges that the current appropriation’s bill will have more money for education this year. Fincher says the biggest question is how those funds will be allocated.


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